Kantara Baseline Identity Proofing Requirements, v3.0-alpha

Profile of all of 800-63A rev. 3 based on the Kantara assessment methodology
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Publication Date 2023-06-30
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TD_IdentityProofingSuitabilityProhibition and TD_IdentityProofingNecessaryMinimum and TD_IdentityProofingPrivacyNoticePublished and TD_IdentityProofingPrivacyNoticeProvided and TD_IdentityProofingAdditionalAttributeCollection and TD_IdentityProofingProvideandPublishRedressMechanism and TD_IdentityProofingRedressAudits and TD_IdentityProofingCredentialPolicy and TD_IdentityProofingCredentialingPracticesStatement and TD_IdentityProofingRiskManagementProcess and TD_IdentityProofingAuditLogs and TD_IdentityProofingProtectPII and TD_IdentityProofingProtectedChannels and TD_IdentityProofingFraudMitigationinPrivacyRiskAssessment and TD_IdentityProofingPIIDisposalProcesses and TD_IdentityProofingNoSocialSecurityNumber and TD_IdentityProofingEnrollmentCodes and TD_IdentityProofingTrustedReferee and TD_IdentityProofingMinors

References (19)

 TD  Identity Proofing - Suitability Prohibition, v3.0
Description Requirement that identity proofing not be performed to determine eligibility for services or benefits.
ID TD_IdentityProofingSuitabilityProhibition
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Necessary Minimum, v3.0
Description Requirements for collecting the minimum necessary PII during identity proofing.
ID TD_IdentityProofingNecessaryMinimum
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Privacy Notice Published, v3.0
Description Requirements for explicit notice being provided regarding the collecting of PII during identity proofing.
ID TD_IdentityProofingPrivacyNoticePublished
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Privacy Notice Provided, v3.0
Description Requirements for privacy notice being provided to applicants at the time of data collection.
ID TD_IdentityProofingPrivacyNoticeProvided
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Additional Attribute Collection, v3.0
Description Requirements for collecting additional attributes during identity proofing.
ID TD_IdentityProofingAdditionalAttributeCollection
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Provide and Publish Redress Mechanism, v3.0
Description Requirements for publishing redress mechanisms.
ID TD_IdentityProofingProvideandPublishRedressMechanism
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Redress Audits, v3.0
Description Requirements for performing periodic redress mechanism audits.
ID TD_IdentityProofingRedressAudits
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Credential Policy, v3.0
Description Requirements for publishing a credential policy.
ID TD_IdentityProofingCredentialPolicy
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Credentialing Practices Statement, v3.0
Description Requirements for publishing a credentialing practices statement.
ID TD_IdentityProofingCredentialingPracticesStatement
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Risk Management Process, v3.0
Description Requirements for conducting a risk management process.
ID TD_IdentityProofingRiskManagementProcess
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Audit Logs, v3.0
Description Requirements for maintaining and reviewing audit logs.
ID TD_IdentityProofingAuditLogs
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Protect PII, v3.0
Description Requirements for protecting PII collected during enrollment.
ID TD_IdentityProofingProtectPII
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Protected Channels, v3.0
Description Requirements for using only protected channels during identity proofing.
ID TD_IdentityProofingProtectedChannels
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Fraud Mitigation in Privacy Risk Assessment, v3.0
Description Requirements for fraud mitigation inclusion in privacy risk assessments.
ID TD_IdentityProofingFraudMitigationinPrivacyRiskAssessment
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - PII Disposal Processes, v3.0
Description Requirements for dispossing of PII.
ID TD_IdentityProofingPIIDisposalProcesses
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - No Social Security Number, v3.0
Description Requirements to avoid using Social Security Numbers (SSN) for identity proofing and resolution.
ID TD_IdentityProofingNoSocialSecurityNumber
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Enrollment Codes, v3.0
Description The requirements for enrollment codes during the identity proofing process.
ID TD_IdentityProofingEnrollmentCodes
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Trusted Referee, v3.0
Description The requirements for a CSP to identity proof Trusted Referees at an equivalent or higher assurance level then that of regular applicants.
ID TD_IdentityProofingTrustedReferee
Provider Reference
 TD  Identity Proofing - Minors, v3.0
Description The requirements for a CSP to adhere to special rules when identity proofing minors.
ID TD_IdentityProofingMinors
Provider Reference

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Kantara NIST 800-63 Assessment Guide
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