Nlets ORION Lookup Service Security Policy Profile for Partner IDPs, v1.0

Profile of organizational security policy requirements for SAML Identity Providers (IDPs) that seek to connect to the Nlets ORION Lookup Service system and offer ORION Lookup access to their local users.
Publication Date 2022-02-02
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Keywords Nlets, ORION, Security Policy, CJIS

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References (1)

 TIP  CJIS Security Policy, v5.9
Description Profile of FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) requirements as defined by the CJIS Security Policy, version 5.9.
ID TIP_ref1

Terms (2)

Term Name Abbreviations Definition
ORION An Nlets database of information about ORI codes.
Security Policy A set of rules or controls that is inteded to enforce security requirements for an organization or a system.
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