FTI ICAM Federation Assurance Policy Profile for Partner SPs, v1.0

Profile of federation assurance policy requirements from NIST Special Publication 800-63C, for SAML Service Providers (SPs) that seek to interoperate with the FTI Identity Provider and offer federated access to services for FTI-vetted and credentialed users.
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Publication Date 2022-02-02
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Keywords FTI, NIST SP 800-63C, Federation Assurance

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 TIP  NIEF Federation Assurance Profile for Relying Parties, v1.0
Description NIEF federation assurance profile for relying party (RP) / service provider (SP) systems. Derived from NIST Special Publication 800-63C requirements.
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Federation A collection of organizations that join together as a group in order to share information using common technologies, such as Single Sign-On (SSO).
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