Identity Proofing - Presence, v3.0

Requirements for in-person or remote identity proofing.

Assessment Step

Presence Verified (PresenceVerified)
Does the CSP verify presence? Please specify all methodologies supported by the CSP via the parameter. As necessary document the differences in presence between all supported methodologies.
Provide policies and practices indicating conformance.
CSP Supported Presence Options for ID Proofingrequired
ENUM_MULTI : The CSP supports identity proofing via various presence options, in-person and remote. Supported options are indicated via this parameter.
  • Supervised (In-person)
  • Supervised (Remote)
  • Unsupervised (Remote)

Conformance Criteria (1)

Presence Verified
The CSP SHALL offer at least one of the following types of identity proofing and SHALL clearly state in its CrP which of those types it provides, describing clearly how requirements between multiple identity proofing types differ: Supervised (In-person); Supervised (Remote); Unsupervised (Remote).
Section (IAL2)