Identity Proofing - Necessary Minimum, v3.0

Requirements for collecting the minimum necessary PII during identity proofing.

Assessment Step

Minimum (Minimum)
Does the CSP limit collection of PII to the minimum necessary to perform identity proofing for their unique context?
Provide policy or practices indicating conformance to the requirement.
A crazy enumrequired
ENUM : This field is crazy.
  • Has, a Comma
  • Doesnt have a comma
  • has a (\) single backslash and parens
A multi-select fieldrequired
ENUM_MULTI : This field is a multiple select
  • Value C
  • Value D
An enum Field
ENUM : This field is a single select.
  • ValueA
  • ValueB

Conformance Criteria (1)

The CSP SHALL limit collection of PII to the minimum necessary to validate and resolve the existence of the claimed identity uniquely in a given context, and to associate the claimed identity with the Applicant providing identity evidence for appropriate identity resolution, validation, and verification.
Section 4.2 P2