Identity Evidence - IAL2 Verification Justified, v3.0

Requirements for documenting the justification for each form of evidence the CSP collects and the strength of it's verification of the evidence.

Assessment Step

Evidence Binding Verification (EvidenceBindingVerification)
Does the CSP document it's evidence binding verification process for all types of identity evidence it collects? This documentation should align with NIST 800-63-3 Section 5-3 at the STRONG level.
Provide policies and practices indicating conformance.

Conformance Criteria (1)

Evidence Binding Verification
The CSP SHALL document its justification, for each form of evidence it recognises in fulfilling its CrP and these criteria, of how the strength of verification of the evidence it collects meets, at a minimum, the STRONG qualities identified in NIST 800-63-3 Section 5-3.
Section (IAL2)